Spinel Transparent Ballistic Aluminum

Aluminum Oxynitride (ALON)
transparent aluminum ALON translucent armor

What An Amazing Material!

This innovation could change the world!

Straight out of Star Trek! What is popularly called transparent aluminum is actually aluminum oxynitride (ALON) and a unique transparent advanced ceramic that is a polycrystalline with a cubic spinel crystal structure. The material was developed in 2002 but has become viable to produce in larger quantities over the last decade. The manufacturer of the material Surmet along with Department of Defense funding has brought the production costs of ALON down significantly.

transparent aluminum ALON translucent armor
transparent aluminum ALON translucent armor

The panels can be formed in various shapes and sizes as well as thicknesses down to a fraction of a centimeter. Also highly capable for use in optics for near-UV to mid-IR wavelength with an optical transmission greater than 85%. Currently, the major use of this technology has been in military applications and has yet to be incorporated in large quantities of consumer products.


-Transparent Armor
-Infrared-optical Windows
-Bullet-proof Glass
-Semiconductor-related applications